Stylistic analysis of louise by william somerset maugham

Most linguists distinguish ordinary also: The drama section begins with "Reading a Play" —followed by chapters devoted to analysis of three major plays—Ancient Greek —British Renaissance —and Modern European — —followed by a chapter on "Evaluating a Play" — In that case we say that the word has a contextual emotive meaning.

Expressiveness may also be achieved by compositional devices in utterances comprising a number of sentences—in syntactical wholes and in paragraphs. Conclusion on chapter 2 53 General conclusion 54 Appendix 59 Introduction Stylistics is the study of varieties of language whose properties position that language in context, and tries to establish principles capable of accounting for the particular choices made by individuals and social groups in their use of language.

It can be gloom, sad, optimistic, pathetic, cheerful, melancholic and so on. The story has a deep emotional appeal. A mix of critical approaches will also be brought in to enhance analysis and interpretation and to explore some of the ways we judge and evaluate short fiction.

Indeed, a literary work is always written for an audience. In most cases they have corresponding neutral synonymous forms. They are studied in the respective language manuals, though it must be once again regretfully stated that some grammarians iron out all elements carrying expressiveness from their works, as they consider this quality irrelevant to the theory of language.

There are also some flat characters such as Tom Maitland, the first husband of Louse; George Hobhouse, her second hubsband, and her daughter Iris.

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The author reveals the nature of his characters through actions and dialogues. —. The two objectives of stylistics are clearly discernible as two separate fields of investigation. At last I thought that I had discovered her motive.


They are contextual meanings. An awareness of all the characteristic features of words is not only rewarded because one can feel the effect of hidden connotations and imagery, but because without it one cannot grasp the whole essence of the message the poem has to convey.

There are some other stylistic devices such as metaphor: To me, the latter had always been a Morrissey song. Louise by William Somerset Maugham 18, views. Share; Like; Download Sarah Abdussalam, Human Resources But Louise couldn’tmanage to die in that particular day even if she wanted to.

The explanation of her death on that day is becauseall throughout she didn’t die although she’s sick because she has that great power in her, the.


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William Somerset Maugham (–) was a prolific writer, skilled in a variety of genres; in fact he wrote twenty novels, thirty plays and more than a hundred short stories.

Maugham was English, but grew up in Paris until he was ten; he later lived in the south of France from the age of 55 until his death at age The Analysis Of Happy Man Bay Somerset Maugham Writing skills FFL,3rd course,7th group Student-Ziroyan Armine Lecturer-Bezhanyan Travel modes Essay Travelling is an important part of our.

Somerset Maugham Louise: printer friendly version: I could never understand why Louise bothered with me. She disliked me and I knew that behind my back, in that gentle way of hers, she seldom lost the opportunity of saying a disagreeable thing about me.

Moon and the Sixpence" and "The Magician" by [Maugham, William Somerset] Find this Pin and more on Classics To Read Or Watch Again and Again by Fred Moore. Collected Works of W. Somerset Maugham (Novels, Short Stories, Plays and Travel Sketches): A Collection of 33 works by the prolific British writer, author.

W. Somerset Maugham Stylistic analysis of louise by william somerset maugham
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